Skin care. Moisturizing cream in female handsPhenolea®Skincare’s  active principles for cosmetic application, obtained from the fruit of a selected cultivar of Olea Europea L. (INCI Olea Europe L. fruit) without chemical solvents, contain a synergic set of compounds: Hydroxytyrosol, Verbascoside, Olecantal, Caffeic Acid, Oleuropein.
In vitro tests have confirmed that Phenolea®Actives possess the following proactive properties:
Antioxidant and detoxifying – Regeneration of skin cells producing an anti-age effect.
Protective – Protection of skin deep cell layer from external agents with a 40% increase of skin cell vitality.
Lenitive– Reduction of more than 50% of pro-inflammatory cytokine produced under induced chemical stress.
Our products are allergens free and not tested on animals.