Woman eating muesli bar snack.The use of Phenolea®Actives allows the natural integration of polyphenolic substances, with proven biological activity, necessary to delay the onset of aging-related diseases and for the welfare of our body.
Biological functions: New research has recently shown that the functions of the olive polyphenols are not limited to the improvement of lipid metabolism, cause of cardiovascular disease, but extend to act on important biological factors such as the restructuring of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory properties, the anti-platelet, control of triglycerides, improvement of LDL-HDL ratio, protection of DNA, improvement of hepatic functions and antibacterial action. Moreover, mitochondrial stimulation favors energy production and the correct functioning of the metabolism.
The Phenolea® Actives are available in liquid or powder form.
Suggested dosage is 300 mg/day which correspond to 100ml of high quality extra virgin olive oil.