shutterstock_135835577All the healthy olive properties, one of the oldest and traditional of natural medicine remedies, are contained in Phenolea®Actives – natural extract obtained from the fruit of selected local varieties of Olea europaea L. dedicated to the nutraceutical industry. The present active principles are acid-phenolic, alcohol-phenolic, secoridoides, and flavonoids. Hydroxythyrosol and Oleocantal are the two main compounds with positive health-related properties.
In-vivo studies have proven that the Phenolea Actives have cardio-protective properties and stimulate the NGF and BDNF neurotrophic factors involved in depression, schizofrenia, alzheimer, and age-related conditions. Further studies have proven the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and the energising function given by mitochondrial activity.
The wide array of clinical evidence on olive polyphenols is today strong enough to establish health claims related to their reduction of LDL oxidation and to their anti-inflammatory properties.
The extracts are standardized in total polyphenols (GAE) and Hydroxytyrosol (HPLC). These are available in different concentrations and in both powder and liquid forms.