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Supplements & Cosmetics

Supplements & Cosmetics

New findings have recently highlighted that the functions of polyphenols are not limited to the improvement of the lipid metabolism, but extend their actions to other important biologic factors. The use of Phenofarm® natural extracts allow the natural integration of biomolecules, rich in polyphenols, useful to delay the onset of age-related diseases and the improvement of the overall wellness. Phenofarm® products’ antioxidant characteristics show clear effectiveness in cutaneous formulations. Their proven protective and regenerative properties make the devised cosmetic formulations excellent skin anti-aging products.


The PhenoFarm® natural solutions are not “E number” and preserve a clean label.


The PhenoFarm® natural solutions are gluten-free and without allergenic substances.


The PhenoFarm® natural solutions are realized from non-OGM raw matter.


The PhenoFarm® natural solutions can be utilized in BIO formulations.


The PhenoFarm® natural solutions derive from 100% raw matter with italian origin.