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News & Research

News & Research

Our research aims at innovating the production and standardization of concentrated natural extracts directed to the food, functional, animal feed and cosmetic markets. Our collaboration with private and public research centers allows us to carry out in-depth and multi-purpose studies deepening our knowledge of our extracts’ properties and, keeping an eye to the future, to lay out the stage for future innovation. This internal commitment to R&D activities ultimately allows us to offer our clients a constructive and collaborative relation aimed at achieving the appropriate industrial application.

  • Baked goods containing oils and/or fats naturally deteriorate through time after their production date. This alteration is part of those processes which cannot be

  • With the 217/2158 regulation of the 20th November 2017, the European Union established new, stricter, measures for the reduction of acrylamide in foods

  • Food additives are substances deliberately added to food products in order to carry out specific tehnologic functions such as, for example, colouring, sweetening or preserving.