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We are a company active in the production of natural and standardized phytocomplexes obtained through the extraction of 100% traced raw vegetable matter cultivated in our territory, therefore adding value to the local resources. We own and use a patented, eco-sustainable process with a low environmental impact.


PhenoFarm® is a leading company in the production of natural ingredients and flavours for the food, animal nutrition, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.
Our products derive from 100% Italian raw vegetable material. These are phytocomplexes concentrated in both liquid and powder solutions which are easy to use and suitable to a vast array of formulations.
Our R&D efforts and our unique Know-How, allow us to offer an innovative natural product line aimed at satisfying our customer industries’ growing “naturally natural” trend.


The obtained experience through years of collaborations with our clients and with research centers allow us to realize solutions with proven functionality. We use our technic-scientific competencies to provide the clients with innovative natural solutions to be used in the production of high quality products where increased nutritional and health aspects and increased organoleptic characteristics can be achieved .We can carry out specific application experiments in collaboration with the clients.

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